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If you have waste wood problems, we have the solutions!

Waste Wood Solutions Inc. was started in 2007 to provide solutions to the problem of what to do with unwanted waste wood. The previous answer was to send it to the landfill. This procedure worked well as far as disposal goes, but had a very negative approach to recycling and cost savings. Industry just plain needed a better method of disposal. With this in mind, Waste Wood Solutions began with a new approach to handling waste wood. These ideas incorporate recycling methods with cost saving fundamentals to provide the customer with environmental friendly procedures that result in cost savings. It is win – win situation! How often can you save the environment, save natural resources, reduce landfill waste, create jobs, and save money for yourself at the same time? Is it to good to be true? Give us a call and we will be more than happy to formulate a new solution for your waste wood needs. You will be convinced that there is a better way.

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